Sunday, 10 June 2012

Is your Landlord responsible for undertaking  repairs at  your leased premises.

Your Landlord will be obligated to repair your premises when:-

a) there is disrepair;

b) if your landlord has an obligation to repair your premises and has been informed of the disrepairs

The law has a strict definition of the word "disrepair" and for a condition of disrepair to exist two points must be satisfied:-

a)  there has to be some deterioration of a section of your premises from its original better condition

b) the responsibility must be on the person who is accountable as a result of either an expressed or implied agreement.

In the event  that there is a disrepair, no liability can arise under a repairing covenant unless your Landlord is aware of the need for repair, you can inform him orally or in writing but make sure that you make a note of the times of any conversations you have with him/her regarding the repairs and keep a copy of your correspondence,   In the event that he/she does not respond to you then you should forward a standard protocol letter to your Landlord, prior to issuing proceeding.

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