Saturday, 16 March 2013


I am still laughing about a case that we are dealing with. Our client is a Litigant in Person a thoroughly lovely person. She has brought proceedings in a matter and the Defendant' Solicitors a very well known and established firm of London Solicitors throughout the process having been dismissive and rude about her case, so you can imagine the delicious irony when having spent many many hours assisting her to prepare a 47 page statement in support of her claim and 9 other supporting statements from witnesses, and, having ensured that every statement made was supported by written proof from the Defendant' own documents, our client turned up at their rather beautiful offices to exchange witness statements only to find herself handed with 1 rather sad witness statement and upon handing over her own statements watching as the Defendant's Solicitors mouth dropped and eyebrows shot apparently off the top of his head especially as this self same Solicitor had informed our client previously that he had never lost a case . The moral never underestimate your opponent and never be arrogant enough not to request copies of documents listed in your opponents List of Documents. The final chuckle is that their witness statement is a rather sad and pathetic document.

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