Saturday, 10 May 2014

Some Updates in Employment Law

From April 2014 Early conciliation came into force.  Before lodging a claim to the Tribunal you willl need to tell Acas first, where conciliation will be offered, only if conciliation is unsuccessful within the set period can the claimant  proceed to lodge a tribunal claim.

From April 2014 there are changes to Flexible working rights

The Government proposes to extend the right to request flexible working to all employees and remove the current statutory procedure for considering requests. Instead employers will have a duty to consider all requests in a reasonable manner; employers will have the right to refuse requests on business grounds.

Fathers right to time off for antenatal appointments

From the 1st October 2014 The Children and families Act allows fathers to be and partners of pregnant women, to take time off to attend two antenatal appointments with the expectant mother.

From 1 October 2014 the government have confirmed that parental leave for parents or children born or matched adoption on or after 5th April 20114 will be flexible.

Under this new system parents will be able to choose how they share the care of their child during the first year after birth. Mothers will still take at least the initial two week following the birth, following that they can choose to end the maternity leave and the parents can opt to share the remaining leave as flexible parental leave. 

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