Thursday, 5 July 2012

Having a family barbecue, don't end up paying out for a claim for damage to property or personal injury

Summer is here (well there are vague signs of it) and if you are anything like the people on the Affordable Law For Team you will be getting the barbecue out.
But did you know that £617m of fire damage has been caused as a result of incidents ocurring whilst people were drunk and  in charge of a barbecue.

In  a recent article by Which magazine we are informed that "An overwhelming 80% of drunk barbecuing incidences were caused by men, with the average cost of damage being £383. Although women are less likely to cause such problems, the cost of damage tends to be higher, at around £525."  This is supported by a government study which you can access at

Whether we like it or not when you light up your barbecue you are playing with fire and with the garden being filled with sheds, which may contain gas containers, wooden decking, etc an out of control barbecue or garden fire can cause thousands of pounds worth or property damage and some very nasty personal injuries.

For tips on how to ensure that friends and family are safe when barbecuing please go to and


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