Monday, 30 July 2012

UNDER THE CRIMINAL LAW ACT SECTION 7(1) ANY PERSON WHO IS  is on any premises as a trespasser after having
entered as such is guilty of an offence if he fails to leave those
premises on being required to do so by or on behalf of-

(a) a disp...laced residential occupier of the premises ; or
(b) an individual who is a protected intending occupier of
the premises by virtue of subsection (2) or subsection
(4) below.

(2) For the purposes of this section an individual is a protected
intending occupier of any premises at any time if at that

(a) he has in those premises a freehold interest or a leasehold
interest with not less than 21 years still to run
and he acquired that interest as a purchaser for money
or money's worth ; and
(b) he requires the premises for his own occupation as a
residence ; and
(c) he is excluded from occupation of the premises by a
person who entered them, or any access to them, as a
trespasser ; and
(d) he or a person acting on his behalf holds a written
(i) which specifies his interest in the premises ; and
(ii) which states that he requires the premises for
occupation as a residence for himself ; and
(iii) with respect to which the requirements in

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